Jan 28 2010

Adding others’ RSS feed to your blog/website

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If you have a blog and would like to feature some posts from another blog or website, there is an alternative to copying and pasting the content or adding a link. Using FeedSweep, you can push content right onto your page for others to see.

Why? Well, you may have a blog/ning/website on cars or horses and you come across a great site that you wish you could also share with your readers. Using FeedSweep, you can create a feed into your site so others can see the content.
An ideal place to add this is in a page on your tabs at the top of the site. Then they are permanently available to see.
Ideas: BBC sites, sport, news,recipes etc

This will also update as new posts are submitted. I originally managed to do a workaround for this using Pageflakes, but this is simpler and has custom options. It’s also free to use

I normally add this to a sidebar widget and get a columnar feed, it may also work in a post, as in Edublogs, but in ning, it only seems to work in a widget

I have set the width to 450, the number of posts to 10 in Feedsweep. To fit it into your sidebar widget, just leave all the settings alone and you will get 5 posts by default.


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