ClustrMaps update

It seems that ClustrMaps is now available as a widget, so very much easier to use

Locations of visitors to this page

  1. Go into site administration
  2. choose ‘presentation’ then ‘widgets’
  3. in the selection box at the bottom, chose the ClustrMaps widget
  4. Add a title
  5. Click the ‘agree’ box
  6. your blog address should already be in there
  7. click ‘save’ *
  8. voila, you have a clustrmap in your sidebar.

Just as an extra

*If this is the first time you have used widgets, be aware that adding the first widget means all the others present in your theme will disappear from both sidebars (if you have 2). So to fix this, make sure you add them all from the selection box before saving

Key one is meta as this allows you to log in again – if you don’t have this, you end up being locked out of your own blog

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